Brand Identity (The Science of Sound & Business)

“The Sound for Successful Brands” this is our motto.

Strategic and emotional use of sound to represent Brand values and identity. Greater attraction, recognition and ability to stand out. With Brand Sound Identity, exclusive sounds can be created and designed  to produce sensory emotions.

The immediate perception of Brand Sound Identity, high value and excellence that it represents is really important given the variety of methods and communication media available today. The only visual aspect of the Brand does not seem to be enough, it has to be strenghtened and amplified with hearing sensations to create more impact and attraction.

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Creating own Brand Sound Identity with the benefits that come from it.

(for a better experience, please listen to these files using high quality headphones)

  • Axel Wayn - Sound Identity Multidimensional
  • Axel Wayn - Sound Identity Emotional
  • Axel Wayn - Sound Identity Functional
  • Axel Wayn - Sound Identity Functional 2
  • Axel Wayn - Sound Identity Emotional 2
Axel Wayn – Heroes of the Sky